Shadow-Up Set


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Product Description

Shadow-Up Set

Reference: UK001
Brush Head: Mixed Hair
Ferrule: Copper Metal
Handle: Glossy Black Wood
Description: This set features 8 brushes created to provide a strong and pigmented application of products. The different shapes and sizes of the bristles allow to create a variety of looks, providing intense color and concentration of tones.

This set includes the following brushes:

N43 Eye Shader Brush (Natural Hair*)
N47 Eye Shadow Brush: (Synthetic Hair)
N49 Eye Blending Brush: (Natural Hair*)
N50 Eye Shadow Brush: (Synthetic Hair)
N51 Pencil Brush: (Natural Hair*)
N58 Eye Shadow Medium Brush: (Synthetic Hair)
N60 Eye Crease Brush: (Natural Hair*)
N61 Eye Blender Brush: (Natural Hair*)

Warranty: 1 year

*Cruelty Free