Pro Kit 22 Brushes


SKU No: PK22


Product Description

Pro Kit 22

Reference: PK22

Brush Head: Synthetic and Natural Hair

Ferrule: Copper Metal

Handle: Glossy Wood

Description: Kit with 22 brushes for professionals and beginners. With this luxury kit you can make skin cover and create an infinite variety of looks. This complete collection of luxury makeup brushes includes the foundation used by makeup makeup.

F17 Precision Fan (Natural Hair)

F20 Large Powder (Natural Hair)

F22 Tapered Face (Natural Hair)

F28 Angled Large Contour (Natural Hair)

F31 Large Luxe Buffer (Natural Hair)

F32 Tapered Highlighter (Natural Hair)

F34 Large Duo Fiber (Fiber blend)

F36 Fluid Foundation (Synthetic)

N40-Small Angle Foundation (Synthetic)

N41-Small Concealer (Synthetic)

N43 -Eye Shader (Natural Hair)

N44 Round Eye Shadow (Natural Hair)

N45 Tapered Blending (Natural Hair)

N47 Eye Shadow (Natural Hair)

N52 Angled Liner (Synthetic)

N55 Bent Liner (Synthetic)

N57 Fluff Brush (Natural Hair)

N58 Eye Shadow Medium (Natural Hair),

N59 Angled Eye Shading (Natural Hair)

N60 Eye Crease (Natural Hair),

N61 Eye Blender (Synthetic)

N62 Lid Shadow (Synthetic).