Precision Kabuki Set




Product Description

Precision Kabuki Set

Reference: MAX07
Brush Head: Synthetic Hair
Ferrule: Copper Metal
Handle: Glossy Black Wood
Description: This set contains 5 brushes designed for small areas of the face. Those brushes allow a high definition makeup application. They mimic the tip of the finger when applying products on smaller, and more sensitive areas of the face. The brushes in this set feature unique fiber bristles, designed exclusively to apply powder, cream and liquid products without absorption on the bristles.

This set includes the following brushes:

R90 Precision Flat Kabuki
R92 Precision Round Kabuki
R94 Precision Angled Kabuki
R96 Precision Tapered Kabuki
R98 Precision Flat Angled Kabuki

Warranty: 1 year