Kit Kabuki




Product Description

Kit Kabuki

Reference: MAX06

Brush Head: Synthetic Hair

Ferrule: Copper Metal

Handle: Glossy Wood

Description: The Kabuki kit contains five brushes that allow a high definition makeup application with HD technology. The brushes feature exclusive optical fiber bristles designed exclusively to apply powdered, cream and non-absorbent liquids to the bristles.

B-90 Flat Kabuki: Application of products based on creams, liquids or powders. Ideal for foundation or cream foundation applications. This brush combines liquid and cream products evenly over flat areas of the face.

B-92 Round Kabuki:  Ideal to apply corrective precision without leaving grooves on the skin.

B-94 Angular Kabuki: Ideal for applying and mixing powder or blush. It is also used to mix contour tones.

B-96 Tapered Kabuki: Application of powdered products. Ideal for smoothing contour on the face. It can apply powder, blush and illuminator.

B-98 Flat Angled Kabuki: Application of creamy or powdered products. Apply foundation in hard to reach areas. The angled shape fits all areas of the face, resulting in a perfect finish.