Common Make-up Mistakes Made by Women of Dark Skin

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There is a fine line between looking polished and looking like a clown. Learn the most common mistakes women of color make when applying makeup and expert tips to avoid these issues.


Mistake: Many women of color use a black pencil to create very defined, bold eyebrows. Regardless of whether they use thin lines or a fully figured brow, this technique is too harsh and makes makeup look fake.

Advice:  Use a brown pencil, 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone. This will give definition to the brows with the ability to blend away any harshness.


Mistake: Many women of color choose a concealer too light for their skin tone and use this to further outline and define the brows. This technique may work for lighter or medium skin tones. But with dark skin, it creates an ashy, halo effect around your brows no matter how well you blend.

Advice: To get a natural looking glow, choose a concealer that is only 1 shade lighter than your skin tone and has a yellow undertone. The yellow will bring out the warmth in dark skin and the darker shade will blend more effectively.


Eye Liner

Mistake: Many women use a charcoal pencil to line their upper lids with a wing. Using the pencil to create the wings usually leads to splotchy spots, uneven lines, and mismatching eyes.

Advice: Use a liquid liner to line and wing eyes. For those with shaky hands a liquid pen is best. You can still use the charcoal pencil for the water line.



Mistake: Many women squeeze glue directly onto faux lashes then stick them on their lids immediately. This causes glue to build up on real lashes and peeling to occur on faux lashes.

Advice: Place the lash glue on the back of your hand and using the back of your tweezers dab glue onto faux lashes. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute for glue to become tacky. Gently place the faux lashes onto your real lash line and hold it there for 15-30 seconds. Once secure, use a spooly comb to blend faux lashes with real ones. Mascara as needed.

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