How to Choose the Right Lipstick Shade

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Are you a matte, classic, or sheer? Do you have fair, medium, or dark skin? Follow these simple guidelines to rock the best lipstick shades this summer.


If you have Fair Skin stick to nudes and light pinks. This will bring out the rosiness in your complexion without overpowering other features.

If you have Medium Skin you can go a little darker choosing hues in roses, mauves, berries. This will bring out that sun-kissed skin and enhance the radiance of your smile. You can also use a nude or a light pink, but make sure it’s not too light or you will appear washed-out.

If you have Dark Skin work the caramels, the browns, and the plums. Caramels and browns give a more natural tone while the plums can add a coloristic pop.

Red lipstick works with any skin tone. Just make sure to select a shade that really complements your smile. Happy lipstick hunting!

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