From Drab to Diva in Under 5 Minutes

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Don’t have time to spend on your morning beauty routine? No problem. We’ve got you covered…


A Solid Foundation – when you are going for speed, less is more. Skip the foundation entirely and just touch up some of the problem areas with concealer. Make sure to choose colors wisely and blend so it doesn’t look cakey or clownish.

Brow Wow Wow – for those with unruly brows, spray a little hairspray onto a brow comb or spooly brush. Gently style.

Eye Love You – liner and mascara are a must. Line the upper lids with a liquid liner and the water line with a pencil. For extra pop, use a color instead of the traditional black or brown.

Cheeky – use a very light shimmer or highlighting blush just above your cheekbones. (Go easy on this. One good swipe will do it.) Blend down so there isn’t a noticeable line but don’t go too far down the cheek. This will give a bit of dimension to your face and pull focus away from any concealed problem areas near the eyes and nose.

Luscious Lips – Any nude color or muted pink will do it. For a more “au natural” look, use a tinted balm instead. This will give lips the color and sparkle while keeping them protected and moisturized throughout the day.

Finishing Line – spritz a finishing spray for a dewy glow or gently blot translucent powder to “set” your look. Then go enjoy life!


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